FTT Inc. offers cutting-edge technology for inspections of in-service parts. Our solutions help to increase part durability and extend part life with easy, cost-effective ways to evaluate engine characteristics and part damage.

One such solution is the use of Infrared technologies to examine engine components for wear, faults and cracks.  By exciting a component with a non-destructive acoustic vibration, localized heating of a fault is visible through use of an IR camera.  FTT Inc.’s Acoustic Thermography capabilities utilize Siemens technologies, as described below:

Our Acoustic Thermography capabilities include a portable system that detects surface and/or internal cracks and defects on any size part, through any coating, in seconds.

  • Infrared thermography camera generates image of part defects while part is undergoing vibratory excitation.
  • Does not detect normal wear and design features.
  • Works in seconds – through paint and coatings – without penetrants.
  • Does not damage fragile parts.
  • Highest Probability of Detection (POD) of any Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) technique.