FTT Inc.’s aerodynamics performance group combines computational fluid dynamics (CFD) expertise with field experience to provide full spectrum engineering support for your most challenging projects. We conduct turbine aerodynamics/performance analyses to provide boundary conditions, upgrade existing designs, conduct clean sheet designs, and solve field problems. Recently, we have completed clean sheet turbine designs for OEM’s, as well as upgrade designs that improved both performance and durability.

CFD analysis

Our aerodynamics performance capabilities include:

  • Calibrated 1D meanline analysis
  • 2D analysis
  • 3D CFD analysis (Phantom, CFX)
  • Airfoil generation tools
  • Unsteady CFD analysis

FTT Inc. engineers have experience specific to turbomachinery – fans, compressors, inlets, intermediate cases, casing treatment sweep, bow, and mistuning – including instrumentation and testing of components and systems. Our aerodynamics performance group works closely with our other engineering disciplines to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for your projects.