FTT Inc. offers “one-stop shopping” for demonstrator engine, component, and rig test articles. Our specialties include compression and expansion turbomachinery systems, combustion systems, heat exchangers, and inlet/exhaust systems. We offer both static and rotating hardware packages. From test objective development through testing and data acquisition, we offer in-house services backed by our specialized engineering staff.

In addition to our in-house testing capabilities, we also have experience at several Government and University Labs, OEM Commissioning Sites, and OEM Core/Engine Test Facilities. FTT Inc. offers on-site technical support at the testing location of your choice. We also design test facilities as needed.

Our Demonstrator Experience Includes:

  • Design, assembly, instrumentation, and/or testing of more than 50 demonstrators for government and major OEM clients.
  • On-schedule, on-budget performance using an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) for demonstrator programs.
  • In-house design, assembly, and testing capability with FTT Inc.-developed tools and specifications or client tools and specifications, depending on project needs.

Our Demonstrator Services Include:

Design and Development (back to top)

  • Definition and development of test objectives, including aerodynamics, heat transfer, structural, and materials testing.
  • Conceptual and detail mechanical design for test facilities and test articles, including aerodynamic, heat transfer, and structural analyses.
  • Manufacturing and instrumentation drawings and solid models in several CAD formats, including Unigraphics, ProE, Catia, AutoCad, and Rhino.
  • Definition of instrumentation types and locations to obtain desired test information; integration of instrumentation locations with parts definition for minimum environmental intrusion and test risk; integration with parts manufacturing.

Hardware Fabrication and Assembly (back to top)

  • Fabrication of cast, machined, and rapid prototype hardware.
  • Design and manufacture of assembly and disassembly tooling and special test fixtures.
  • Part and assembly balance of rotating hardware.
  • Hydrostatic proof and deflection measurements for pressure vessels.
  • Build documentation of critical axial stack and radial clearance dimensions.
  • Delivery of test-ready hardware and support of customer facility installation, as well as support of facility upgrades and new facility commissioning.

Instrumentation (back to top)

We offer instrumentation services including specification, routing, calibration, installation, integration of COTS/MOTS and specialty equipment, data acquisition, and data reduction. We also can develop instrumentation plans to meet your specific program needs. Our instrumentation expertise includes:

  • Hypo Routing: Standard and infinite tube configurations for steady and unsteady pressure measurements.
  • Strain Gauges: Steady and high response gauges for steady stress and vibratory response measurements.
  • Thermocouples: Measurement of low and high temperature environments.
  • Accelerometers: Dynamic applications and demonstrator vibratory health monitoring.
  • Capacitance Probes: Static to rotating hardware clearance measurements.
  • Dynamic Pressures: Integration of miniature high-frequency pressure measurement gauges.
  • Static and Traversing Rakes: High recovery, subsonic, transonic, and supersonic rake designs with multiple sensing locations and radial and circumferential traversing capability.
  • Slip Rings and Telemetry: Integration and instrumentation routing of slip ring and telemetry units for rotating hardware measurements.
  • Liquid Crystal: Evaluation of transient heat transfer rates.

Technical Support (back to top)

  • Evaluation of existing government and commercial test facilities versus test objectives, or design of a new facility to meet test objectives.
  • Identification of pertinent test parameters and ranges that satisfy test objectives; optimization of the test matrix to balance risk and to maximize cost-benefit ratio.
  • Pre-test data predictions using highly calibrated FTT Inc. codes or customer-supplied codes; documentation of predictions to enhance data expectations and understanding as the test progresses.
  • Engineering and technician test support for commissioning sites, demonstrator cores/engines, and scaled rig testing; development of real-time data processing applications to enable quick and accurate understanding of data as testing progresses.
  • High-quality documentation for pre-test, on-site, and post-test activities to enable better customer/user communication and resources for future test activities.