FTT Inc.’s Heat Transfer Group provides analysis and design for cooling effectiveness and heat transfer that integrates seamlessly with our other disciplines, such as aerodynamics and structures. Our team members are experienced with various cooling techniques including advanced convection and film, and we can calculate the cooling effectiveness upper bound for blades, vanes, combustors, and other flowpath hardware. Our heat transfer engineers are turbomachinery specialists who are known experts in their field.

Heat Transfer design and analysis at FTT encompasses concept design and system development to determine required cooling flow, preliminary design to select a configuration, optimization and verification, final design, and execution, including quality checks and engine testing. To provide these services, we use the following tools:

  • Hand calculations, spreadsheets, and FTT proprietary codes for internal flow systems
  • TexStan derivative code to solve for external boundary layer conditions
  • Classical cylinder in crossflow and turbulent flat plate correlations to verify external boundary layers
  • Ansys to solve for conduction and convection
  • 160 gpm water flow table for design verification including blade tip clearance gap, serpentine/turn, and external flows
  • Multi-function air flow bench for design verification including internal flow/pressure loss relationships, casting/finished part flow development, and subcomponent tests
  • Transient thermal liquid crystal testing for low-cost quantitative heat transfer coefficient measurement