FTT Inc. excels at providing industrial gas turbine (IGT) users the engineering and testing services that will help maximize a unit’s availability and performance and reduce life cycle costs.

To date, we have performed outage inspections and component engineering for 12 different models of 50-60 Hz IGTs. Our field services are backed by our more than 1000 man-years of experience in design, analysis, hardware fabrication, field inspection, and failure investigation on IGT compressors, combustors, turbines, exhausts, rotors, bearing compartments, casings, and engine secondary air systems.

We offer the following services for power generation customers:

  • Development of Root Cause Analysis for Compressor, Turbine, Combustor and Other Components
  • Consulting Services During Catastrophic Failures
  • Maintenance Outage Inspections for Quality Control
  • Third party inspection and documentation of major gas turbine components
  • Experience in supporting minor inspections and major inspections
  • Inspection and documentation of condition of new hardware coming into engine
  • Evaluation of design feature changes and their potential effects to unit operation
  • Technical Analyses to Determine Component Operational Stresses and Deflections
  • Technical Analyses to Determine Component Remaining Life
  • Development of Condition-Based Maintenance Programs
  • Technical Analysis and Laboratory Testing to Validate Component Repair Processes