FTT’s Structures Group supports our Integrated Product Teams with structural design or analysis, depending on project requirements. Our structural engineers design tools and use best-practice methods to ensure the accuracy of our analyses while compressing schedules. We offer “cradle-to-grave” services for turbomachinery components, including design and analysis, component or engine testing, manufacturing, and field support. Our facilities include state-of-the-art equipment for testing, such as low- and high-frequency shakers, laser holography, and a SPATE infrared camera.

Mode shape from vibration analysis

Our structural analysis and design capabilities include:

Thermal/stress Analysis
– Steady state or transient
– Linear elastic or plasticity
– Contact Analysis

Dynamic Analysis
– Stage vibration
– Damper design
– Forced response
– Acoustics
– FOD/DOD simulation

Lifetime Prediction and Validation
– Mission analysis
– Creep analysis
– Fatigue (LCF/HCF/TMF) and fracture analysis

Preliminary Vibration Analysis
– Preliminary neck length
– Airfoil taper
– Frequency margins
– Flutter margin
– Damping parameters

2D Sizing
– Attachment profile generation
– Airfoil 2D temperatures
– Thermal strain analysis
– Damper shape optimization
– Airfoil stacking

3D Design Analysis
– Metal temperatures
– Full load stresses
– LCF life
– Goodman diagrams
– Fracture screening
– Damper performance

Structures work at FTT is supported by robust computer processing capability, a continuously upgraded software suite, and extensive staff experience with analysis software including ANSYS, ABAQUS, I-DEAS, Unigraphics, FRANC2D-3D, NASTRAN, LS-DYNA, FEMAP, PRO/E, and NASGRO.