Mechanical Design

The core of FTT Inc.'s competitive edge, Mechanical Design is a discipline that drives innovation and progress across industries. FTT Inc. is proud to represent over 2,000 man-years of Mechanical Design experience.

At FTT Inc., our designers are degreed mechanical and aerospace engineers who work closely with specialists in other engineering disciplines to ensure we achieve optimized, low risk, low life cycle cost solutions for complex engineering problems. We involve mechanical designers at every step of a project – from conceiving solution ideas, developing and assessing multiple concepts, and selecting the preferred approach to leading the engineering team in analysis, product definition, manufacturing, instrumentation, and assembly.

FTT Inc. mechanical designers have specific expertise in compressor airfoils, cooled and uncooled turbine airfoils, cryogenic pumps, combustors, inlets, exhaust systems, rotors, bearings, gears, and casings. Our “roundtable” design process, mentoring programs, and internal reviews ensure that all of the company’s experience is brought to bear on each project, while maintaining exceptional value for our customers.

The Mechanical Design group uses CAD software for models based on our customers’ requirements – typically Unigraphics NX and Pro/E Wildfire. We perform analyses using a combination of hand calculations and software such as ANSYS Workbench and NX Motion Simulation, as appropriate.

FTT Inc.’s Mechanical Design group has designed and/or analyzed:

  • Numerous components as part of performance upgrade packages on axial flow compressors and cooled turbines
  • Advanced technology compressor, combustor, and turbine demonstrators and test instrumentation
  • Clean energy power systems (solar, wind, biofuels)