FTT Participates in Local School Education

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Ross Peterson of the Heat Transfer group presented “What is an Engineer” to the first grade class of Timber Trace Elementary School at their yearly career fair. He showed them what an engineer does and presented the first electric car he made. They loved getting a 3D printed part and a video online to show them about 3D printers.

He showed the video of the little engine and the ever popular jet engine fundamentals, Suck, Squeeze, Bang, and Blow. The teacher was very appreciative.

Suncoast High School held their Fourth Annual ‘Career Showcase’, Friday, January 11, 2014.
Russ Jones and Francine Peace attended representing FTT. An FTT display booth was set up and students were encouraged by the great possibilities for an exciting career in Engineering. As Russ told them Aerospace Engineering is HOT, FAST and LOUD!

Dr. Linda Cartlidge, Suncoast’s Principal, started this program four years ago to encourage students to identify a ‘career’ choice they are interested in pursuing to match their passion with their profession. This is an extension of her daily message to the students to “Begin With The End In Mind” and work hard every day while focusing on the future.

The Career Showcase is a unique opportunity for the students to meet professionals in their career path. The students are prepared in advance by their teachers to maximize their time and equip them to interview the presenters. They are ready to ask the right questions to get an idea of what their future career choice is really like first-hand.