FTT offers industry-leading turbomachinery and combustion expertise for conceptual design through product definition, fabrication, testing, and field support. Our unique combination of aerospace and industrial gas turbine experience allows us to reduce risks and costs for our customers by applying proven technologies from one industry in innovative applications for a different industry. Our technical employees average more than 19 years of turbomachinery and/or combustion experience each, and we put the company’s combined 4000+ man-years of experience to work on every project. We work with you to leverage our OEM-level experience while offering the flexibility and responsiveness of a small business.

In addition, FTT offers our internally-developed design criteria, methodologies, and analysis tools to provide ground-up designs and innovation solutions to your most challenging design problems. Our proprietary and patented codes and macros enable us to streamline the design process and deliver the right results the first time.

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