Above all, FTT Inc. offers innovation, quality, and value to our customers. We provide the responsiveness of a small company with the expertise and technical depth of a much larger organization.

FTT Inc. serves the following industries:

  • Power Generation
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Oil and Gas

And we offer the following categories of service:

  • Engineering Services
  • FTT Test Center
  • Demonstrator Services
  • Field Services
  • Research and Development

We perform services in Integrated Product Teams to give customers comprehensive support and depth of experience. Our Chief Engineers, highly respected leaders in their fields who each have more than 35 years of experience, participate in all design reviews, and develop criteria and processes for each project. Our project management system ensures that all 4000+ years of experience company-wide go into each project, while customers receive the best value for their project dollars.

Our security, export control, information technology, and facilities are managed and supervised by a highly qualified group of individuals who ensure our clients’ projects run smoothly and to their specifications.