We’re turbomachinery and combustion specialists.
FTT Inc. specializes in the engineering, development, and testing of gas turbines, propulsion components, turbopumps, and systems for military and commercial aircraft, space propulsion, and industrial applications including clean power generation and oil and gas.

We’re experienced.
FTT Inc.’s extensive working knowledge of the detailed design process and expertise – more than 4000 years of turbomachinery and combustion experience – gives our customers industry-best durability and performance for their products. We leverage our cross-industry capabilities to deliver innovative, cost-saving solutions for our customers. Our extensive supplier base and continuing education programs further add value to our services.

We’re a one-stop shop.
Our lean workforce – more than 90% technical – provides the following services for engines, components, and demonstrators in-house:

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We go above and beyond for our customers.
FTT Inc. engineers look beyond conventional solutions and strive to advance technology and improve efficiency and durability in all of our designs. By improving the efficiency of turbines worldwide, we’re actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re growing.
FTT Inc. is a woman-owned and operated small business located in Jupiter, Florida. We have grown to more than 200 employees in 17 years. Our business strategy achieves growth by exceeding customer expectations.